Operation Teddy Bear reaches hurt children in Egypt.

Operation Teddy Bear

Listen to Granite Hill’s guest speaker Rev. Cheyne Jackson, as he ministers to Granite Hill Church describing his calling to serve the LORD through Teddy Bears. Cheyne speaks of his journey to help bring comfort to million plus children of Egypt who have been abandoned and often trafficked. Cheyne brings us through an emotional journey as he describes his experiences and how the LORD spoke to him “Tell them there is a love that won’t hurt their bodies.” Listen to hear more about Cheyne’s calling to help serve.

God Is… Here

In the conclusion of our “God Is…” series, we are reminded that God is here with us always, even if things don’t work out the way we planned. Jeff told us the story of a man stuck in a flood. He prayed for God to save him but ignored the canoe, police boat, and helicopter that God sent to him. Sometimes we picture God’s help differently than what He is sending us, leaving us blind to His work. When we recognize that God is with us, faith, hope and love happen. Don’t miss your canoe because you are waiting for a yacht.

Sermon given by: Jeff Dumm