Be Good At Being Rich

A good rule to live by is: As God provides, I will be good at being rich.  No matter how many possessions you have or how much money you make, you may never consider yourself to be rich.  Rich is a category in your heart that comes from thanking God for providing you with all of the blessings and opportunities that you have in life.  That kind of rich is a mindset that culture does not teach you.  Being rich monetarily changes people.  It causes them to become arrogant and to place their hope in their wealth rather than in God.  The wealth becomes their self worth so they need more of it and begin to hoard it.  When you view wealth in that manner, there is no way you can be generous or willing to share.  The wealth is what defines you, but the problem with doing that is when it comes crashing down, it destroys you.  Money can take your joy and happiness away.   Through generosity, you will find true life on Earth.  Being rich in good deeds provides you with a peaceful spirit.  Pastor Michael spoke about priority giving.  That is making God a priority in your budget and giving to Him first.  When God has blessed you with income then your first action should be to give some back.  By giving to God first, it creates a shift in your thinking making it difficult to become arrogant because your focus is on how to be generous and good.  The second is percentage giving as the percentage given matters more than the sum.  Take some time this week to pray about giving and decide what to do.  Take the first step and progress as your blessings progress.  Make God a priority and remember as He provides, be good at being rich.