Positive Thinking

Postive Thinking – November Sermon Series


Positive Thinking-Week 1

 Are you stuck in a mindframe that is generally not helping you to move forward in your life? Do your thoughts excite you or bring you down? Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow discuss  the how we think sets the tone for how we live.  If you think critical thoughts, you likely will have a critical spirit. The same can be said for believing negative thoughts will lead to negative reactions. However if we change our perspective to believe positive thoughts, it often leads to positive outcomes. 

Believe you can make a difference—Likely you will. No matter what happens—See good—See God.

Positive Thinking- Week 2

Positive Thinking- Week 3

love thy neighbor- sermon.

Love Thy Neighbor

What does it mean to love your neighbor? Listen to Pastor Michael as he explores the relationship GOD wants you to have with those around you. It’s easy for us to say “Love thy Neighbor” but do we love them as JESUS wants us to? JESUS wants us to love everyone around us as our neighbors. Do you struggle with this? Listen to Pastor Michael unfold the ideas of what it truly means and how JESUS wants us to treat and love those around us. 

Week 1 –

Week 2 – September 9, 2018

Week 3 – September 23, 2018 – It Takes a Village

Week 4 – September 30, 2018 – Loving is Inviting

How do I label myself as a disciple? “By loving thy neighbor” – A recap of what it means to love thy neighbor. Serve, get involved, do life together-with friends and finally, how are we called to be a good friend. “Loving is inviting into the kingdom of GOD.

Tempted sermon series, Granite Hill Church, Hallowell, Maine.


August 12: Tempted – Take Matters

Temptation is a test of your faith not just your self control. When Jesus was in the desert He was tempted by many things, just like we are everyday. Learn how he was able to resist and carry on in a challenging part of His life. 

August 19: Tempted : I Am The Light

Loving Like Jesus-Costs Something

To be a real follower of Christ and to love like He did, you understand that it will cost you something. Experiencing authentic love should make you want to pay it forward. Loving like Jesus means reaching out to the person that is nothing like you and loving them with actions, not just words. That kind of love is difficult and may cost you your time, reputation and your friends. Jesus was moved by the outcasts of society to the point that He sought them out. By showing those people amazing love, He planned to change the world. His calling in life was to reach the sinners and to teach us how to love. Jesus staked His life and reputation on that. It eventually cost Him everything. We need to love the people that are hard to love. By investing in them, they will get to experience authentic love for possibly the first time in their life. The love of Christ is life changing and by paying that love forward, you can be that change for someone else. When it costs you something, then you know it’s real.