We R-Transformed

God accepts you as you are, but will never leave you as you are. God’s never ending love is continually transforming you into a new person. He changes your perspective, how you think, and what you value in order to align your morals with His. When you give your heart to Christ, you are also giving Him your life. You are making a commitment to follow Christ and not the conform to what the world is doing. By making that commitment, you are allowing Christ to work in your life so you can change the things you wouldn’t have the power to alone. When you are born again, it’s like God has a blank canvas. The transformation that occurs by saying yes to God allows you to grow and mature as a Christian by accepting his pleasing and perfect plan for your life.

Jesus changes hearts and it’s your job to arrange the meeting. To do this you must be a Christ ambassador and go out to represent Christ to the lost. This is an important job, but not a powerful one. As an ambassador, you must reach out with love and grace. It is not your job to judge or tell others what they are doing wrong. You need to reach the lost where they are in this world and invite them to return to God. Once they know Christ in their heart, then He can begin their transformation. Think about how God has transformed your life or what He is doing in it right now. Stepping out in faith and sharing your story could be all it takes to reach a nonbeliever.

We R-Worshipers

We all have a different idea of what worship is. To some it is listening, raising your hands, standing or singing. Then there is the question of what style should the worship be-traditional or contemporary? Worship is a simple concept that we make complicated. Worship is about so much more than songs. It begins with you accepting Christ as your Savior in addition to experiencing the love and grace that He has for you. If you haven’t already met Jesus before coming to church, the singing will be more like a concert instead of giving glory to Him. If you are already in love with Jesus, it will not matter what style the worship is. The first part of worship is to glorify and give Him praise by openly talking about how amazing He is. Music is only one way to express what you feel in your heart towards God. The second part of worship is to share with others how much God has done in your life. It’s about doing what we have been called to do and reach out to the lowest of God’s people and make a difference in their lives. God is pleased when we give glory to Him and share the message with others. That is what worship is all about.

We R-Connected

We are created to be connected through relationships, but it seems our world has been designed for seclusion. Life is so busy and demanding that communication begins to suffer which often creates a disconnect from our families. In a recent study, 72% of Americans feel lonely despite the fact that technology allows us to have the whole word at our fingertips. How is it that God alone is not enough for us? God created us with a void only other humans can fill. We need something to love. When we are connected through meaningful relationships, it provides us with balance as we benefit from other perspectives. There are several ways that we can connect into God’s network. We connect through generosity by tithing and giving to charity. It is important to stay within your means. Your contribution does make an impact within our communities. We connect through worshiping God as a church family. Even if it’s only for one hour a week, that connection is important. Another way to connect is through life groups. The intimacy of meeting in someone’s home for a meal and good conversation is what builds lasting relationships. We connect through our community by volunteering so we can fill needs. We are created for connections as God wants us to care for each other. Are you connected the way God intended?

We R-A Team

You are a valuable part of this team called church and your ministry is essential! God has a plan for you and has gifted you certain talents which you bring to the team. Collectively we make up the body of the church and are all of equal value. If one person is missing, the team isn’t as good as it could be if everyone was there. Since we are uniquely intertwined, if one person suffers then we all suffer together. There is more to God’s plan than just being saved. He wants us to share the message and our experiences so we lead others to salvation. The literal meaning of minister is a servant and as Christians we are called to be servants before any other role we have in life. You are ministers inside the church. Volunteering allows you to grow spiritually as you serve God through serving other people. We are not called to be Christians alone. What area is God calling you to volunteer in? You are also a minister outside the church. God uses regular people disguised as teachers, policemen and construction workers to minister to others during everyday life. By loving and investing in the people in your community, you can reach the lost. To do that, you may need to step out of your comfort zone and stop holding yourself back. Step out in faith and recognize your potential. How many people can you share God’s message with? You are a valuable part of this team called church and your ministry is essential!

We R-Unchurched

When Michael and Kelleen became pastors of FBC eleven years ago, their question to God was “what do you want us to do?” The answer is to draw, introduce and lead people to Jesus. Their mission became to reach the unchurched. In order to touch the people that have never attended church or those hurt by church in the past, they had to think outside the box and get rid of some traditions. Jesus broke a ton of traditions in order to share His message. The church should be designed around the movement of Christ and not around a set of rules. Jesus meets people where they are in life and the church should do the same. The church should make it simple to follow Christ and not do anything that is unnecessary or a hindrance in coming to Him. We know that Jesus makes our life better. We know that Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins and we are called to share that message with others. We are not called to point out the wrongs, be judgmental or require others to live by a certain set of rules. In order to continue reaching the “unchurched”, FBC needs to be aware of what people see, hear and experience when attending our church. The greatness of FBC is associated with its leaders and volunteers. The people are the church. FBC wants to make disciples out of us so everyday can go out and care, give and invest in others. Never lose sight of the mission and continue to bring the message to those who don’t know Jesus. How can we make a difference today? Thank you for supporting the vision of FBC!