Why is it so hard to love?-Pastor Jack Daniel

Pastor Jack told a story about an incident that Jesus was involved in early on in his ministry.  Jesus was invited to a dinner party at the home of a Pharisee named Simon.  A woman, who was a known prostitute in the town, showed up at the party crying for her sins.  She began to weep and her tears fell on His feet.  The woman proceeded to wipe His feet with her hair, kiss them and pour perfume on them.  It was an awkward situation.  As Simon watched the woman, he thought that she didn’t belong in his home as he never associated with those type of people.  Simon viewed her as below him and put her down.  Simon commented to Jesus that if He were a prophet then He would know this woman is a sinner.  A prophet had two jobs and one of them was to point out sin.  The other job that Simon forgot about, was to proclaim the forgiveness of God on people.

Jesus told a story in response.  It was about two people that owed money to a lender.  One owed 50 days wages and the other owed 500 days wages.  Neither of the people had the money to pay him back, but he forgave the debts of both.  Then Jesus asked which one would love the moneylender more?  Simon answered the one who had the biggest debt forgiven and Jesus agreed.  The woman had given Jesus water for His feet and kisses since she arrived at the house.  Simon had not.  We compare and categorize people all the time to make ourselves feel better.  The bottom line is that both Simon and the woman were in the same category because they both had sins.  The only difference is that the woman’s were more obvious and Simon’s were hidden behind a cloak of respectability.  Both of them are debtors.  Jesus had called Simon out.

There are times when we get down on ourselves and feel unworthy, unattractive and unloved.  It’s difficult to love others when feeling that way because if there is not enough love for yourself, then how can you possibly share?  Being fearful that there is not enough love to go around can cause you to hoard it for yourself.  God says there is plenty of love to give away and still have enough left for you as the supply is endless.  God is there to answer prayers, take care of you, and guide you.  When you know how much you are loved, then you are able to love.  Ask Jesus to fill you with an awareness of His love for you so it will spill over.  The need to hoard is gone when you realize how much you are loved.  That feeling occurs when you recognize that God’s grace is for you and that He will pour unlimited blessings into your life. You can act generously when you feel rich.  If you feel poor, you will act poorly and that is when it’s hard to love.