Christmas from Mary’s Point of View

Pastor Jack continued the Christmas sermon series by giving Mary’s point of view on giving birth to our Savior. He broke it down into three points, which were the amazing announcement, assignment and acceptance. An angel came to the Virgin Mary and told her she will give birth to a son who will be named Jesus. That announcement was an absolute miracle because it meant God was becoming a human being. When the prophets spoke of God being empathic to our suffering, it was helpful but we didn’t really understand. God became sympathetic when He came in human form. Now we know that He understands our suffering. It was important that God came as a person, because the real problems in life involve people and relationships. God will enter our lives and help us with them.

Often times God will choose the most unlikely and weak people to do His work. When you realize that you need help because you can’t do everything alone, then there is room for God to come in. God doesn’t wait for perfection. The redemption of the world was given to a teenage girl. God trusted Mary and Mary probably thought how could this be happening to me? The acceptance of this assignment came with some serious consequences. Mary would be considered an outcast and a sinner for having a child out of wedlock. She would lose her engagement and be disowned. She would have to become a prostitute or beg in order to survive. Mary was a servant of the Lord so she accepted this assignment and everything that came with it. It may not have been what she wanted, but by understanding that God had put her there, she was able to experience joy. Mary knew it was going to be ok because God will always bless a decision to accept His will.

How do you transition from how can this be to may it be? You make the decision that you would rather be in God’s will than apart from Him. You may not want to go in that direction, but you accept that is what God wants for you. A death may occur inside you as you let go of your own desires, hopes and plans. Once that happens, you can be born into God’s plan for you. To experience peace, joy and the true meaning of life you need to let Christ in.