Be Good At Being Rich-Honor God

Rich is a moving target as there is always a “richer” so what you have seems to never be enough.  As your appetite for wealth grows, you keep stuffing it with things.  Often we equate intelligence with money by thinking if they are rich they must be smart because they have all of these expensive things.  Money can change you if you let it get your heart.   Money doesn’t make a good savior for your life.  Rich people are not good at being generous as giving away their money is almost like they are giving away their soul.  Greed has their heart.  Poor people do not place their hope in money and would be willing to give you the shirt off their back because their heart belongs to God.  God has provided you with so many blessings and opportunities which you should enjoy. There has to be a balance in your life between posessions and honoring God.  Pastor Michael shared his idea, that if followed, will prevent your hope from migrating towards money.  He calls it the David principle which states:  My one goal is to honor God with everything I possess.  We are only uses of the wealth as  everything comes from God and everything belongs to God.  Pastor Michael challenges you to make giving a priority by creating a giving plan.  By giving, you are honoring God with a way to further His Kingdom.  Remember that as God provides, I will be good at being rich.