Christmas 2018

When it comes to God—we live in an AD time-
Many are living in an AD world with BC beliefs about God. Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow discuss celebrating the day all history hinges upon the day that divides history in half between BC & AD

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December series: My Big Fat Mouth

Let no unwholesome words come out of your mouth but only what is helpful in building up others. Ephesians 4:29
Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow’s December sermon series entitled ” My Big Fat Mouth” and explore how our words are our building materials that can build people up.  What do you do when your words have power over your enemy? Some day you may have power over the person who hurt or harmed you. God is going to ask you to remember who was with you? Will you pay them back or will you use your words to pave the way forward…. 

My Big Fat Mouth- Week 1

My Big Fat Mouth- Week 2

My Big Fat Mouth- Week 3

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Positive Thinking

Postive Thinking – November Sermon Series


Positive Thinking-Week 1

 Are you stuck in a mindframe that is generally not helping you to move forward in your life? Do your thoughts excite you or bring you down? Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow discuss  the how we think sets the tone for how we live.  If you think critical thoughts, you likely will have a critical spirit. The same can be said for believing negative thoughts will lead to negative reactions. However if we change our perspective to believe positive thoughts, it often leads to positive outcomes. 
Believe you can make a difference—Likely you will. No matter what happens—See good—See God.

Positive Thinking- Week 2

Positive Thinking- Week 3