New and Improved-Apathy

Why is it so hard to care?  There are situations in life where you know that you should be concerned about someone or should help them out, but you just feel indifferent.  There is so much information bombarding you everyday which can be overwhelming.  It is hard to feel compassion for people that are experiencing things that don’t directly affect your life, especially when your life is going smooth.  You can’t feel sad for everyone so you begin to develop a hard heart.  Jesus wants you to love your neighbor and in order to do that you have to have compassion and a soft heart.  He wants you to reach out and identify with  people and show them you care.  You can’t love without caring.  At times you may feel helpless to make a difference so you do nothing at all.  If you focus on doing for one what you wish you could do for all, a difference can be made in that persons life.  Embrace your opportunities.  Don’t look away when you see someone in need.  Do what you can at that time and try to make a difference.  That is what compassion is.  God has equipped you with things that tug at your heart.  Things that move you.  It could be children, veterans, domestic violence or the homeless.  Consistently expose yourself to things that create compassion in your life.  Act on what God has called you to do and show that you care.