Refocusing-Something’s Missing

There is a missing ingredient in our lives. Often it is difficult to see it in ourselves, but we can see it in others. This ingredient is even missing in the church which is where it should be found. Christmas is about God sending us something we needed, but didn’t deserve. God sent us the missing ingredient in a remarkable and unmistakable way with the birth of Jesus. God became flesh and walked among us through Jesus. The thoughts of God were brought to us. Jesus was full of truth and grace. That was hard to believe as those words have opposite meanings. How could He be both? John the Baptist believed and followed Jesus saying He was the one. John the writer also said this is the guy I have been talking about my whole life.

Jesus loves us so much that He gives us more grace than we need. Jesus gives us grace in place of grace already received. Jesus reached out to everyone, even those who didn’t deserve it. People flocked to Him because of it. On the grace side, He understands that we are not perfect and that we are lawbreakers. Sin exists so we are going to need grace. We are not worthy, but he will make us worthy. On the truth side there is right and wrong. People know the law, but Jesus brought the law even higher by raising the standard. Jesus lived His life to show us who God was and how He feels about us.

If you haven’t already guessed it, the missing ingredient is grace. The opportunity to be completely forgiven and made right with God. When grace is missing, it distorts your relationship with God. Jesus has paid the price for everything we have done wrong. Accept His grace and forgive yourself. God loves you and wants you to succeed. He may also want you to extend some undeserving grace to someone else. It’s not always about who is right or wrong. It’s about embracing the gift that God gave you and being able to acknowledge your hurt, but giving grace anyway.