Refocusing-Why Christmas?

The story of Christmas started long before the manger scene we all associate Christmas with.  It doesn’t begin with a couple trying to figure out how they got pregnant, but with a couple who thought they never would get pregnant.  It starts with the incredible faith of Abram.  Abram was told by the Lord to leave his country and his people with the Lord showing him where to go.  The Lord promised to make Abram a great nation, to bless him, to make his name great and that he would be a blessing to others.  This was kind of a weird promise as Abram was just one guy with out any children so how could he be a blessing to anyone?  Abram didn’t know where he was going, but left his house and family behind because he believed in this unbelievable promise.  That was the promise that started the Christmas story.  There are 2000 years of history full of slavery and fighting that pass by.  It was a dark time when God sent Isaiah to be a light for the Gentiles so that God’s salvation would reach the ends of the Earth.  They thought this was a joke because they were all going to die.  They had become an easy to beat group of people so no one could possibly believe what God was saying.

It was a hopeless time when people didn’t even know how they were going to feed themselves when God’s plan came together.  He waited for the proper time to completely fulfill His promise to Abraham.  Abraham finally did have a son, which led to Joseph entering the world.  It was almost 2000 years later when we get to the birth of Jesus, but Israel became a light that will be talked about forever.  This story proves that God can be trusted and will deliver His promises.  It was during the darkest times that a miracle was birthed and salvation was brought to the world.  God is active even when He seems silent and He wants to be your Savior.  God does have a plan for you and you will see it when He is ready.  Christmas can be a dark time for some as it is a reminder that loved ones have passed on, the kids have grown up and that your life may not be like it used to be.  Take time this Christmas season to refocus.  You do have a reason to celebrate as God has brought salvation to you all because Abraham stepped out in faith.  So why Christmas?  The world needed it, that’s why.