Summit Kidz

Summit Kidz

9:30 am

During morning worship service.
Ages: Toddler through 11 years old.

At Granite Hill Church, children are not just a priority; they are an important part of our church family.

Our Children’s Church mission

 Foster a sense of belonging by ensuring that the children feel welcome and that they experience God’s love for them.

Teach the children to have a relationship with the Lord and help them to grow in Him. When we love the children and show patience we show them Christ and the way they should treat others.

Provide a “faith family” that knows them, cares for them, and supports their spiritual growth.

Involve children in serving in the church and encourage them to witness to their friends and relatives.


Our Children’s Church teachers are a great team of dedicated volunteers. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teen leaders who give of their time to make our program a success. What a wonderful blessing you all are to our community. Teaching children can be one of the greatest opportunities to serve God; it is a life-changing process

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