Word – Weeks 1 – 3

Word – Week 1

Word – Week 2

Word – Week 3

The Bible – Weeks 1 – 3

The Bible – Week 1

Do you struggle to understand the bible? Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow break down the bible for you in this months sermon series, to gain a better perspective and true understanding of what is being told.

The Bible – Week 2

Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow continue his sermon series entitled “The Bible” This is the second sermon of this series.

The Bible – Week 3

Follow along with Pastor Michael Longfellow as he continues to explain the stories of the bible.

Positive Thinking

Postive Thinking – November Sermon Series


Positive Thinking-Week 1

 Are you stuck in a mindframe that is generally not helping you to move forward in your life? Do your thoughts excite you or bring you down? Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow discuss  the how we think sets the tone for how we live.  If you think critical thoughts, you likely will have a critical spirit. The same can be said for believing negative thoughts will lead to negative reactions. However if we change our perspective to believe positive thoughts, it often leads to positive outcomes. 

Believe you can make a difference—Likely you will. No matter what happens—See good—See God.

Positive Thinking- Week 2

Positive Thinking- Week 3

Why Communion?

Why communion? We do communion to remember that Jesus paid the price to make us perfect and blameless in the sight of God.  His blood signed the promise that no matter what we have done, nor how far we have strayed from God, he loves you and sees you as a perfect masterpiece, as a chosen son/daughter. Listen to Pastor Michael Longfellow discuss the true meanings of communion and the importance behind it.