We R-Transformed

God accepts you as you are, but will never leave you as you are. God’s never ending love is continually transforming you into a new person. He changes your perspective, how you think, and what you value in order to align your morals with His. When you give your heart to Christ, you are also giving Him your life. You are making a commitment to follow Christ and not the conform to what the world is doing. By making that commitment, you are allowing Christ to work in your life so you can change the things you wouldn’t have the power to alone. When you are born again, it’s like God has a blank canvas. The transformation that occurs by saying yes to God allows you to grow and mature as a Christian by accepting his pleasing and perfect plan for your life.

Jesus changes hearts and it’s your job to arrange the meeting. To do this you must be a Christ ambassador and go out to represent Christ to the lost. This is an important job, but not a powerful one. As an ambassador, you must reach out with love and grace. It is not your job to judge or tell others what they are doing wrong. You need to reach the lost where they are in this world and invite them to return to God. Once they know Christ in their heart, then He can begin their transformation. Think about how God has transformed your life or what He is doing in it right now. Stepping out in faith and sharing your story could be all it takes to reach a nonbeliever.