We R-Worshipers

We all have a different idea of what worship is. To some it is listening, raising your hands, standing or singing. Then there is the question of what style should the worship be-traditional or contemporary? Worship is a simple concept that we make complicated. Worship is about so much more than songs. It begins with you accepting Christ as your Savior in addition to experiencing the love and grace that He has for you. If you haven’t already met Jesus before coming to church, the singing will be more like a concert instead of giving glory to Him. If you are already in love with Jesus, it will not matter what style the worship is. The first part of worship is to glorify and give Him praise by openly talking about how amazing He is. Music is only one way to express what you feel in your heart towards God. The second part of worship is to share with others how much God has done in your life. It’s about doing what we have been called to do and reach out to the lowest of God’s people and make a difference in their lives. God is pleased when we give glory to Him and share the message with others. That is what worship is all about.