ALPHA Marriage Prep Course

Oftentimes couples spend countless hours preparing for the wedding and little time preparing for the marriage. We encourage you to sidestep this mistake and take some quality time to put aside to work on your relationship.

  • The ALPHA Marriage Prep Course is a series of DVD’s, along with a workbook, that you and your beloved can do at your own pace at home. This course will get you thinking about your past, present, and future and how these will affect your married life.
  • Please contact the church office for your copy of the ALPHA Marriage Prep Course and workbook.
  • Bring your completed workbook along with you to you meeting with the pastor.

Reasons for Choosing My Mate

Download two copies of this form, Reasons for Choosing My Mate, fill it out, and bring them with you to the meeting with your Pastor. This will help him or her personalize your ceremony.